3 November 2012

Day 3: Why I write about my health: In which I discover that NaBloPoMo already exists

I thought my idea to blog post every day in November was my own, but apparently the idea existed already. So I have a bandwagon to leap on! Wooo! And it even comes with prompts for each day of the post.

Day 3 – Saturday, Nov. 3
“I don’t know about this, but I’d like to.”
A post about a conversation with your doctor
Nah. I don't like those prompts. I'll use one of the first day's prompts.
“Why I write about my health”
Today was a typical day for me - not a good day or a bad day, but what passes for normal. I woke up very slowly, with my head feeling like it's stuffed with cotton and my muscles aching terribly. I spent most of the day in bed, but went to our window seats for meals. I had two naps, morning and afternoon, and my waking time was spent cuddling with my husband, doing a bit of online surfing (from bed, with the laptop), playing video games on my tablet, and chatting with my mother over Facebook. A typical day, lived in a bed. A good day. I'm generally a happy person, and I'm glad to be writing again. I'm glad to be cared for so well. I'm glad that my illness isn't worse than it is. I'm most glad for the internet. I would be so isolated without it.
So this is why I write about my health. Because I need to. Because it's easier than talking about it. Because it's easier physically for me to type than to talk, but because it's also easier for me to open up in writing. I don't think my blog is unique. I've seen so many blogs by people with chronic health conditions, and like me, they all seem to be calling out to the world to say "I exist. My illness is real. Believe me."
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