6 November 2012

Day 6: News of the Weird

KENT, UK - A strange hominid creature that scientists have dubbed "Average Foot" has been spotted by a lone witness in a small flat near the sea in southeast England.

"It didn't look human!" the witness reported. "It had hair sticking up everywhere, and the noises it made were terrible. It seemed to have encountered humans before at some point, because it had some clothing on inside out."

It was reported that the creature seemed to be making attempts to communicate, but only in grunts and groans. Our witness thought there might have been a request for tea, so he went into the kitchen to put the kettle on.

"It seemed to be in pain. It was awful. It moved so clumsily. I think it may have gone to the loo, because I heard noises in there. But then when I came back with the tea, it was back in bed and fast asleep. I couldn't bear to disturb it."

One foot was left sticking out from under the duvet, leading the witness to dub the creature "Average Foot".

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Day 6 – Tuesday, Nov. 6
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