7 November 2012

Day 7: The Waiting Room

Day 7 – Wednesday, Nov. 7
Redesign a doctor’s office or hospital room

I'm going to redesign the waiting room, because I end up spending more time there than I do actually in the doctor's presence. And it's because of the waiting room that I end up being extra fatigued for days after seeing my GP. 

The problem with waiting rooms is that they aren't designed for sick people. The waiting room at the GP is no different than the waiting room at a government office. Both offices should be disabled accessible (but often aren't), but only one should be designed for sick people. And it isn't.

First of all, let's address accessibility. Wheelchair spots. Where the heck am I supposed to park myself when the room is so full of seating that all the open spaces will block foot traffic? What the heck is up with that? Do you think disabled people don't go to the doctor? What the hell? I expect accessibility when I see my medical professionals! Get it right! The seats are never all full. Move some of them out of the room to leave room for the disabled folks. (And hey, moms with pushchairs too, but I'm not in that category myself.)

Now let's talk about sick people. Not just sick people, but really sick and feeble patients. How about a separate room for the really feeble people who aren't really strong enough to sit up? A room full of recliners, or beds or at least some sort of ability to become horizontal. This room for the very feeble should have noise restrictions. No shouting children, though quiet children are okay. The lights should be dim and the stimulation levels low. This room would be for people with migraines, ME, flu, or any other illness that leaves you shattered and weak. Yes, I know that some of the other people in the waiting room are sick too, but there are different levels of sick, just as there are people just in to have their kids vaccinated or their smear test, and these people are not weak. It's us weak people who need a place to rest while we wait.

It's dreadful going to the GPs office these days, simply because of all the time I have to spend sitting up when my body is not healthy enough for that.  I'd love to be able to lie down while I wait. Do I expect it to happen any time soon? No. Not at all. It's just a fantasy.

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