27 November 2012

Day 27: Somewhere

My view of the world
Day 27 – Tuesday, Nov. 27
“I bet you didn’t know….”
“If I could go anywhere…”

If I could go anywhere, then I would go somewhere. It doesn't have to be Machu Picchu or the Taj Mahal or Aluru. I would go to the seaside, that's half a mile from here. I would go to the cinema to watch a movie with my husband. I would go for a nature walk. It wouldn't have to be a long walk. Maybe just a half hour. I would go to the train station and buy a ticket to London for a day trip. I would go to the shop on the corner and buy milk when we've run out. 

I spend my life in bed, and the closest I get to seeing the world is from the windows of the taxi as I go to doctor appointments. My wheelchair doesn't let me in to many places, and even when it does, it is so uncomfortable, and sitting up makes me so tired. Sometimes, I just ache to see the world. I'll sit at the bedroom window and look out at the street and the flats nearby. There isn't much of a view. Sometimes there's a cat in one of the windows, or someone walks by with their dog. For all that, it's a far better view than I used to have out my window, in the old basement flat.

If I could go anywhere, I would go somewhere. Just somewhere.


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