17 November 2012

Day 17: My strengths and weaknesses

Day 17 – Saturday, Nov. 17
My strengths and weaknesses list post
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I had to get my husband to help me with this post, because I'm not always the most introspective person. He's wondering how I can be an introvert and not introspective, but those aren't necessarily tied together. I simply don't spend a lot of time trying to "find myself" or whatever. I am simply ... me. I don't really think too much about what that means. So when I'm trying to think of my strengths and weaknesses, I can come up with a few, but I feel like I need a second opinion. So here goes.

  • Imagination and creativity. 
  • I lose my temper easily, but I don't stay angry. I don't hold grudges. 
  • I like people. I'm tolerant of ideas and behaviours and allowing people to do things that I think are silly or even stupid. I'm glad everyone doesn't like all the same things I do. 
  • My husband says I'm loving and loyal, and not just to him. I don't know if my family will agree since I only keep in touch with them by Facebook. But I do love them, very much. I'm just not very good at demonstrating it. 
  • But my family itself? That's a strength. I've gotten a long way because of coming from a strong foundation in life. I'm pragmatic. 
  • I'm accepting. Life is what it is, you know? I'm okay with being fat, with being sick, with being peri-menopausal, with being on anti-depressants. It's just my life.
  • Honesty, my husband says, though that's a weakness too, as I can be 'inappropriately honest' (which is code for 'tactless and rude'). 
  • I'm smart. Not as smart as I used to be. Fibro and M.E. eat the brain capacity and memory, even when it isn't an especially foggy day. But I was lucky to start off smart so that I still have a bit left.
  • My spirit? Tough. I know I have the soul of a fighter, even if I'm in the body of an invalid.
  • My husband says I have a smile that can light up a room. *blush*
  • My husband. He's my rock.
  • My temper - it burns hot and fast. 
  • I get frustrated easily. There are certain things that I seem to have compulsions about - broken tools, lost things - that I have had to actively train myself to try and let go when they happen or I'll go on and on and grind myself into a ragey, anxious mess. 
  • Making decisions. It uses spoons, so I get angry when I'm asked to make small ones that don't matter. (I shouldn't get angry so easily. I wonder why temper keeps coming up in this?) 
  • My husband just gave me one of those fake weaknesses that you say on job interviews "You're too hard on yourself." He insists that it's true. I guess he's right. He usually is.
  • My body. That's pretty weak. Literally.
  • My husband. He's my temptation. (He's worth it.)


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