30 November 2011

I have not posted in a while

Monday Nov 21, I had a nearly pain free day. I was very careful not to overdo it.

Tuesday Nov 22 was the start of a flare. This one makes me want to sleep, all the time. I don't know what triggered it. I'm still in it.

I'd have more to say, but I'm too tired to think of it. I think I'll just go back to sleep.

12 November 2011

Invest in ME Calendar 2012

I'm raising money for Invest in M.E. by selling 2012 calendars available to buy at Lulu. Invest in M.E. will receive £2 (or the approximate US equivalent) for each calendar sold. My dad donated the photographs, and I donated the spoons it took to format and prepare the calendar on Lulu's site. Lulu takes a commission from each sale, but I do not. Every bit that makes it into my hands will go directly to Invest in ME.

I haven't seen the finished product yet, so purchases are at your own risk until my copy arrives for me to assess the quality. But I was too excited to wait until then to post. Once I see it, I'll be asking everyone to order and spread the word. I know it's late in the year, and doing print on demand means the price is higher than I'd like for less profit than I'd prefer, but if only 50 calendars are sold, that'll be £100 raised, which is certainly more than I'd have been able to donate on my own.

This is the photo on the cover, and inside are lots of foxes, and a few other critters. I hope you like it.

3 November 2011

Thankful Thursday - I Am What I Am

Inspired by this post on Dave Hingsburger's blog, here is a list of guilty pleasures that I'm thankful for:

1. Coca Cola. I absolutely savor that first sip after it's been poured into my freezey mug. So cold and fizzy and sweet and *droooools*

2. Lolcats and Lolspeak.

3. "That's what SHE said!" *giggles* I hope I never outgrow snickering at accidental innuendos.

4. I have a giant teddy bear that I snuggle with when my husband isn't at home.

5. Lady Gaga. I heart her so much!

6. Flirting online with my trans woman friend. I'm 90% straight, but that girl is smoking hot.

7. The first five minutes of that head buzz I get after I take one of my painkillers. I hate the feeling once it lasts longer than that, which is why I try to avoid that particular pain killer. But if I have to take it, then I may as well enjoy the buzz a little, before I crawl into bed to sleep it off.

8. Audiobooks to sleep to at night. "Read me a bedtime story!" It has to be a book with no violent scenes or surprises, and read by a nice motherly or fatherly voice. Jane Austen books are perfect.

9. Putting my Kindle in a ziplock bag and reading in the bathtub.

10. Roleplaying games online with my online buddies.

11. Watching my senior dog flirt with her "boyfriend", our dog walker's chocolate lab one minute, and then have them trying to steal the other's treats the next.

12. Being fat. I was always super skinny, until I was nearly 30, to the point where concern trolls would try to intervene about whatever eating disorder they imagined I had. Finally my metabolism changed and I piled on the pounds, and it feels great to have padding all over now.

What are your guilty vices? Life's only a sham till you can shout, hey world, "I am what I am!"