21 November 2012

Day 21: I really love technology

Day 21 – Wednesday, Nov. 21
Create a new technology related to health
Write about mental health

New technology is great, don't get me wrong. But what about more uptake of the technology that already exists?

Why should a person as feeble as I am have to go out to the doctor? Why can't I do a consultation via skype? Why weren't my NHS medical records transmitted electronically to my new GP when I moved cities, instead of it taking six months? At least the NHS is in the process of enabling electronic prescription management, though that hasn't happened yet where I am. How about text messages reminding me that my prescription is about to run out and offering me the option to text back 'repeat' or 'cancel' depending on whether I want to continue taking that medication?

But okay... let's work with the theme and see where we can go. But not with any new ideas. I read a lot of science fiction, so there are plenty of wonderful things that other writers have thought of. We just need someone now to invent them.
  • Memory chairs that mold to the form of the person who sits in them. Especially for doctor's waiting rooms!
  • Beds with low-gravity (or zero gravity) so you don't have achy places on whatever side you sleep on. (Larry Niven: The Ringworld Engineers)
  • The ability to transfer my entire consciousness to a young, beautiful, strong body with SmartBlood and other enhancements. (John Scalzi: Old Man's War)
  • The ability to 'gland' various chemicals to keep my neurotransmitters perfectly in balance. (Iain M. Banks Culture series)
  • Teleporters, so I can go places without the pain and fatigue of travel.
  • Hoverchairs instead of wheelchairs - that would make it much easier to get places that claim to be accessible because they "just" have one or two steps.
  • Household robots that can do the chores.
  • Vulcan mind-meld to allow my doctor to UNDERSTAND MY PAIN! 


  1. Vulcan doctors now there's an idea :)
    We are lucky that we can order repeat prescriptions online and get an email reminder and even get a txt message reminder the day before a pre-booked appointment.

  2. Those are some really good ideas.
    I would love the new body from "The Old Man's War" but I really don't think I would look good green...even Kermit knows it's not easy being green...plus there is the whole Warrior of the Universe thing..*chuckles*
    Teleporting would be AWESOME, we could visit way more often. Robotic housekeeper? Waaant one. A chair for a hurting hiney, for sure could use one of those. A Vulcan "Vampire" could be most helpful.
    Yeah. Good ideas, for sure. :)