7 October 2011

Photo Day 4

Photo Day 4 - My favourite mug/cup
This is one of the two identical cups I drink from every day. Note the bendy straw - VERY IMPORTANT! Bendy straws are essential for being able to drink from bed! The giant handle makes it easy to grasp and less likely that I'll drop it, and it being made of plastic means when I do drop it, I won't break it. If only it had a lid to help avoid splashes and spills it would be perfect.

This is a double layered mug with freezey stuff in between the layers. If it comes out of the freezer, and I pour Coke into it, it makes the Coke all wonderfully slushy. Bliss! Absolute bliss! Ice cold Coke without diluting the wonderful fizziness! Since I own two of these, there is always one in the freezer, ready for more Coke.

But I'm on a diet. Only one Coke a day. =(  So after the Coke is finished, I dry off the condensation and refill the cup with lemon water. I don't care if the lemon water is cold or not, so I just use this cup all day. I've been adding a little salt to the lemon water to help increase my blood pressure, and trying to drink more water overall. Low blood volume can be a problem for M.E. patients. But ugh... I hate having to get up and pee so much!

So, my favourite mug. It's rather plain looking, but I love it.   

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