11 October 2011


(Dear Mom and Dad,  if you are reading this,
I know you still see me as an innocent little girl, so you might want to skip this post. I kind of say bad words in it. I hope you aren't too disappointed in me.
Love, me)

(Dear everyone,
This is a rant. Expect ranting.
Love, me)

1. After informing the DVLA that I am unfit to drive, I got information from them that I was going to scan in and post, after blacking out personal information. But it turns out the scanner part of my printer-copier-scanner is completely unfit for scanning documents. The software that comes with it expects to be scanning photos, saving to jpg, one file per scan. GRRRRRR!!! I hate it when tools don't work the way they're supposed to! I don't have the spoons to spent time locating free, safe software that will do what I want when it should have come with the damn printer!


2. My dog has achieved new and amazing feats of flatulence previously unknown to canine-kind for the past 12 hours. I have no idea why. The bedroom smells like a diaper pail. GAAAAH! Can't stand it!

3. I'm so fucking tired of being sick! I hate having to ration my energy! I hate having to use a timer to tell me how long I can sit up at one time.

4. FUCKING PAPERWORK!!!! I can never be rid of it! So much to fill out. Benefits stuff, insurance stuff, banking stuff, Council stuff. Every time I think I'm done, a new batch pops up. I have probably a day's worth backed up right now, if I were a healthy person and able to sit at a desk for 8 hours and do work at a healthy person's pace. When I can only do 20-30 minutes at a time, and I lose part of that time just getting it out and putting it away, plus the fact that I can't think as clearly or work as fast as I used to, it's going to take me weeks. And all the time, more comes in.

5. Cold weather. Hate it. Hate having stupid electric night storage heaters. When they're first turned on, they smell funny and give me migraines, I guess until they burn off all the dust on them. I don't want to turn it on and face the migraines, but if I don't do it soon, on a day of my choosing, I'll end up having the day chosen for me by the weather.

6. I'm coming down with something. I have no idea what, but my voice is starting to go. I do not have spoons to be double sick!!!!! And my voice going at the start of a cold is not a usual pattern for me. I usually have the cold first and lose my voice after a few days of that.

7. Building next door is having work done in it. Noisy work. So tired of it.

8. Tinnitus. It. Never. Ends. Constant. Humming. Noise. GAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

9. Why aren't M.E. patients treated as well as M.S. patients? Why aren't we immediately sent to specialists and cared for properly? Why do we have to do all our own research about our illness and all our own advocacy? Why can't we just be cared for, the way a medical team would care for a cancer patient or a heart disease patient?


Bonus entry, because apparently I wasn't enraged enough:

11. This shit.  Unbe-fucking-lievable.

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  1. Hey Baby Girl...no problem here.....I just didn't know that you had been diagnosed with Turrett's Syndrome. *wink, remember the 80's movie where the Grandpa was teaching the lil guy how to say bad words but to tell him Mom that it was ok because he had TS? Can't remember the name of the movie, just now*

    Besides, sometimes the only proper word to say is a "salty" word.

    Still lovin U from across the Pond.....The Queen Mum... <3