20 August 2011

Recipe: Lemon Water

Pitcher of Lemon Water
Photo by ex.libris

  • 1/2 lemon, sliced
  • 1 litre of filtered water

    Put water in pitcher. Put lemons in water. Leave the lemons in the pitcher when you pour yourself a glass, and you can keep topping up the water for two or three days before you need to toss the lemon slices and make a new batch. Store in the fridge. So refreshing!

    Yes, this is far too simple to be called a "recipe", (and even so simple, I have to get someone else to slice the lemons for me) but it's my main weapon in my battle against my Coca Cola addiction. I haven't seen any weight loss yet, but I've at least been consuming less soda, and that can only be for the good. ☼

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