20 October 2011

Are you fit to drive? Part 3

I pulled my driver's license out of my wallet and put it in the envelope to send back to DVLA.

It hurt more than I expected. I remember when I passed my test - I was on top of the world. When I was 16, I took a driving test in the US that was just basically just proving that I knew how to operate a vehicle. In the UK, driving tests are Srs Bsns. It lasts about an hour, and is bloody hard to pass. I had been driving for half my life when I came to the UK, but I had to spend a small fortune on driving lessons in order to pass the test. I knew someone who didn't pass until her 8th try.

Somehow I passed on my first. I had taken a trial test a week before and failed badly, so I didn't expect to pass. But I did. I was elated.

I don't like thinking of that me, who was healthy enough to run up the steps at the office where she worked to tell her friends that she had passed. I don't like to think of what's about to happen to her a few years from that moment.

So I won't. I'm on my way to the osteopath, so I'll drop this in the postbox on the way. And then I'm done with that thought.

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  1. Remember...it is just the wind. And "that" girl was already broken. Loves and gentle hugs and hope for a good osteo session.