11 October 2011

Are you fit to drive? Part 2

Now that I got the rant out of my system, here's what I meant to blog today. Part 2 to this post.

Since my scanner won't behave, you don't get to see the documents the DVLA sent me. But basically they told me I had two options.

1. Surrender my drivers license voluntarily.

2. Undergo a medical assessment to see if I am fit to drive.

The benefits of surrendering vs doing the assessment and having it revoked, is that later, if I apply to have my license reinstated, I can drive while the application is considered. Perhaps because of a demonstration of good faith? I'm not sure. They refer to Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Since I already  know I'm unfit to drive, I'm taking option 1. But I went ahead and looked through the medical assessment form to give a summary for those who might be interested. (Of course, this applies to the UK only.)

Part of it is obvious: name and address of GP, what meds do you take, do you have episodes of confusion or cognitive impairment. Then there's a section to talk about whether you are physically capable of operating a vehicle. If you are not, but you could with adaptations, then there's another form to fill out to explain what types of controls you need to operate a vehicle. In this case, your license would have various codes put on it to show that you are legally entitled to drive a vehicle modified in this way.

It seems fair to me. The disabled should have every human right that able bodied people do, but being legally entitled to drive when not fit to do so isn't a human right.

I worked damn hard to get that license though. Even though I haven't driven since I got M.E., it's going to hurt sending it away.

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  1. My dearest "Penny, The Queen of England".....


    I totally get it, I really do. I wish that I could have the powers of Number 1 on Startreck NG who was always told to and have assumed that he would "Make it so..." I would SOOOO make so many things so. But alas I am but a powerless and basically useless entity, the unthroned "QM".

    But I do have the power still of being your best and biggest cheerleader and I still think U R SEW SMRT! *gentle loving smiles*