31 August 2011

Product recommendation: Laptop gel cooling mat

If you're bedridden, a laptop can be your lifeline to the world. Of course we're always told that we aren't supposed to use laptops on soft surfaces, or they'll overheat.

This is where a cooling pad comes in. I've tried the ones with a usb fan built in, and I couldn't handle the extra weight and especially the extra noise. I kept looking for a solution, and saw the Newlink Cooling Mat. It has crystals inside, which absorb heat until they eventually turn liquid. Then you just set the mat aside until the gel hardens again into crystals.

No more overheated laptop!
I was skeptical, but desparate, so I ordered one off ebay. And to my surprise, it actually worked! I run RealTemp to make sure I know when my laptop is getting too hot, and it generally runs about 10 degrees cooler (in Fahrenheit) when it's sitting on the mat. It even keeps my computer cool during processor intensive activities, such as when I occasionally play Civilization or have too many windows open.

In fact, it's been so useful, that I'm about to order another one, so that I have one to use when this one has all turned to gel and needs to cool down.

I imagine these are available in the US as well, but it's too hard for me to search for US products when Google keeps diverting me to UK sites. But if you search for 'Laptop gel cooling mat' you should be able to find it. It's a great product and inexpensive, and keeping your laptop cool will prolong its life.

*The link goes to Amazon UK, and any purchases you make will benefit ME Research UK.

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