24 August 2011

A Message From Vivint

Vote! Vote! Vote!

The Whittemore Peterson Institute has a very good chance to win the Pacific region, but we need to keep voting every day.

The matching period has ended. Thanks to everyone who was able to give, even a little bit! Now please keep voting every day.

Good evening!

We are so excited about the awareness that has been raised for each organization through the Vivint Gives Back Project over the last few months! We have $118,000 left that we would like to give away to charities through donation matching. Starting tomorrow Wednesday, August 24, around 11:00 am MST, all donations of any amount will be matched dollar for dollar until we have given away $118,000. We are excited to be able to help as many charities as possible, please get your organizations involved through the end of the Vivint Gives Back Project.

Please check Facebook and the contest website for the exact time when this donation matching will begin.

For donation matching, please consider donating money to the IACFS/ME International Association
and/or the National ME/FM Action Network but only only after the donation matching period begins, so your contribution is doubled! Even as little as a few dollars or pounds can help. Whittemore Peterson had previously had their matching allowance maxxed out, but the wording on the message above makes it sound like that the allowances may not matter anymore. I'll update this post when we know for sure.

The full $118,000 has now been matched. Now just 4 days of voting to go before the end!

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