6 September 2011

The Importance of Pillows

When you spend most of your day in bed, pillows are important. Like, super important. And I have so many. The long body pillow that I hug when I sleep on my side. The microbead pillows that help when I have an achy place. The V shaped pillow for sitting up in bed. And of course the all important pillow under the head.

And for some reason, I can't get that last one right.

The pillow I'm using now is several years old and very flat. It needs replacing. So I looked on Amazon trying to find a good replacement. I bought it. It came in a huge box - you'd think they'd have sucked the air out of it or something. But no. Anyway, it's too thick and solid for me and hurts my neck. Though it works fine for support anywhere else. Strike one.

The next pillow I purchased, I was actually out in town. I had hired a mobility scooter for the day from the wonderful people at Shopmobility. I stuck to my limit of three errands - eye appointment, pound store, and Wilkinson's. At Wilkinson's they had two pillow choices. The problem was, both pillows were in airtight plastic bags, so you couldn't squeeze them to figure out the texture. You'd just be moving the air around inside the bag. So I picked one, essentially at random. It had a firm core in the center and was very uncomfortable. Strike two.

My next chance was Asda. I order my groceries from them, and they have a few home items available that can be ordered along with the groceries. Three or four types of pillows. No real description. Again, picking at random, and I got another one that was too firm. Strike three.

I guess I need a pillow that's really soft and not too thick, even though I'm a side sleeper. And I have no idea how to find one without just continuing to throw money at shops and gamble that the pillow will feel right when I get home.


  1. Hi!
    I have the perfect pillow for your needs, and I wish I could tell you what it is, but unfortunately, it was a gift, and i've no clue. :(
    That being said, maybe try either a pillow like this:


    If you get them when they're not super thick, they're really nice. Supportive enough without being too firm. I dont know if you can order them where you are, since I'm in the US, but it kind of gives you an idea.
    The other pillow type might be one of these:



    So...yeah. Hope that helps and that you find something that works for you! I know how much having a crappy pillow can suck.

  2. I use a very thin memory foam pillow. I paid 25$ for it. It's still usable after a year's use but I should replace it soon.

    I purchased it at Know Your Body Best. I also purchased a foam pillow for between the knees which was 15-20$.


  3. Hey, Sweetie! : )
    You know how I am about "my" pillow...I take it with me wherever I go and keep it till it dies...lol. Right now I am in serious love with my feather pillow simply because I can rearrange it to fill in the spots that need extra softness at that particular time and than just give it a fluff or punch to start over the next time I lie down or if I wake up in the night and someplace else is hurting. Try QVC-UK for the Northern Nights pillow, I assume it to be the same as what I have.
    I would order it for you but for some reason they don't have a way for me to order across the Pond. Bad move on their part. *frustrated sigh at having a gift-giving avenue shutdown*

    All else fails, just pop a small section of seam on one of the ones you already have and pull out some of the filling to make it less full.

    Good luck...I agree 100%.....pillows are major in our "line of work".

  4. Have you tried a down pillow? They're expensive, but the most comfortable of any. Because of my allergies, I have a hypodown pillow, which is a combination of goose down and syriaca. They come in soft, medium and firm. Some places will even let you return, so you can order different ones to try. We had a several years search for a good pillow before we found these, so I sympathize.

    The hypodown pillows come in three "fill powers" as well. The online store had an explanation of these also. All I remember is that the higher fill powers are warmer.

  5. Pillows are on their way!...The set of 2 that were a quick order and the one good down pillow that takes 5 weeks to get filled. Also a set of quilted covers to protect from the prickly tips that always work their way thru...*rolling eyes*. So use the quick order till the good one gets there and then pass them along to TurtleDog, if you like, she will love them, I know. BayBoy, Trail Dog Extroidinaire does, he is always sneaking onto mine when I am not looking...lol. Hope these do the trick. You know Queen Mummy wants her Penny, The Queen Of England to be as comfy as possible since she can't be there to keep an eye on her. *wink* Love ya. : )