16 August 2011

The Compromises We Make

I did something today I thought I'd never do. I bought microwave popcorn.

I love popcorn. Love it love it love it. But I like it popped on the stove, preferably in coconut oil. Microwave popcorn I always considered an abomination. But because of the effort of standing by the stove, I haven't made popcorn in months. Even after social services got me a perching stool to assist me in the kitchen, it is still a large effort hurdle to get across, compared to three minutes in the microwave.

It's not bad. I didn't think of adding seasoned salt to it, or shredding cheddar cheese over it, this time, but that will probably help. (Since I need to lose weight, I probably should continue to forget the cheese option.)

I've made compromises, but this is a line I thought I've never crossed. But what the hell, it's a tasty line.

1 comment:

  1. I remember when microwave popcorn 1st came on the scene: I was so thrilled because, while I adored popcorn (you got that from me *smile*), my efforts stovetop were less than stellar and I had the worst luck with electric poppers. Either they scorched the corn or burned out *shaking head*. The micro-corn wasn't often in the very tight budget but when it was?? PARTAY!! LOL...Hating the circumstances that spurred it but welcome to the "modern" world of popcornucopia... *G*

    Don't give up yet, you can still make it on your higher energy good days. You always have made the best popcorn ever and I believe you can still do it on special occasions, and that will make it all the better for it! : )