14 September 2011

Photo Day 1

Day 1 - free choice to begin with: My glasses arrived today
I saw the 'Photo A Day' challenge on Little Mouse Lily's blog and thought it looked like fun, except that there's no way I can do a photo a day. So I'll follow the challenge topics, but make it a photo-a-whenever.

Today, I finally got some glasses that fit me and that I can wear in bed while looking at my laptop. Win! I'll write a post soon about how to shop for glasses on the internet, because I've made just about all the mistakes possible.

I like plastic framed glasses for the look, but for practicality when reading at weird angles, rimless works best. And the larger the lens the better. Also I learned when I was shopping for glasses that I have a big head. 


  1. 'Photo whenever' I like that :)
    Glad that you are coming along for the ride and making the challenge your own
    There are a few of us doing it I will let people know.

  2. Ok...I say it again but THIS time I think I am kinda sorta starting to "get it". I need new glasses. Why now, you rightly ask? What is so different now than say, yesterday, or last week or last month.....??
    Well, I'll tell you what makes it different now. I just had a fright, well, more like a violent startle. As I was scrolling down your blog and saw this picture, I actually thought you had taken a picture os a VERY LARGE ROACHY BUG crawling across your bed! *ACK!!*

    My health cannot sustain such a horrid reflex as I just had, it simply can't. I need new glasses.