13 July 2013

Tips for the dentist

Adrienne Dellwoo posted about going to the dentist with ME or Fibro. For me, the worst part is how sore my muscles get from sitting still for so long.  But I have some tips that help:

1. Definitely start with communication. Tell them you need them to be as gentle as possible with scraping, probing, etc.

2. Ask for a bite block to hold your mouth open rather than you trying to do it yourself. Take frequent breaks to have them remove it and let your jaws rest.

3. Bring a seat cushion and a neck pillow.

4. Take any of your as-needed pain medication before you go.

5. Plan for several days of rest afterwards.

6. Practice preventative dental care to try and avoid problems that will require extra dental work. If any of your meds cause a dry mouth, this puts you at extra risk for tooth decay, so be aware!

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